Monday, August 27, 2007

walk across the room

In Sunday School class, we are going to read a book by Bill Hybels called, "Just a walk across the room." I just read a few pages of the book. The author tells a story of a Muslim man that was at a party. He was standing alone in the corner when a man noticed him and left his "circle of comfort". This man started a conversation with the Muslim man. The two ended up meeting for coffee and discussing their different religions. The Muslim man came to know Christ and it all began because a man decided to walk across the room.

Sometimes it can be scary to walk across the room to talk to someone. You would think because I am shy that it would be a hard thing for me to do. I can walk across the room and say hello but I don't have much more than that. Recently, I was in a social setting and I decided to walk across the room and say hello to someone. When I said hello, the person immediately left and said something about getting something to eat. This really hurt my feelings. It was quite obvious that I came over there to talk to this person. Am I really that awful to have to talk to? I was just trying to be nice because I know how lonely it can be to be standing alone. I hope that I am misinterpreting this whole scenerio. Maybe the person wanted to be alone or this person genuinely got hungry at that moment and decided to get something to eat. I am going to try to not let this event hinder me from walking across the room again.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"dream of doing nothing"

I like Peter Gibbon's response in the movie "Office Space" when asked what he would like to do if he had a million dollars. Absolutely nothing. The question is supposed to help you find your career job. Dust and I like to joke about our dream of doing nothing.

Dust and I also joke about a line we heard on a "Will & Grace" episode. "Oh, he thinks we do things. Does he know that we don't do things?" I am notorious for saying things that I want to do or am going to do but never do. Shock of all shocks..I am actually doing something.

This week I started painting the floor boards in our house white. They were originally wood color but the previous owners painted them white. With the toy bus and other toys banging into the wall, the paint has chipped really bad. I am actually doing something! I got off my butt and started painting! It already looks a lot better. Also, we actually ordered some new bathroom and bedroom doors for the house!

Even though I have a dream of doing nothing, it isn't as fulfilling as actually doing something. I am embarrassed when I think about how I could have improved our house years ago, but I decided to sit on my butt instead.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Cartoons have sure changed since I was a kid. NJ and I watch Dora the Explorer every morning at 7:30 am. I think it's kinda creepy that Dora asks me a question and waits for my reply. "What part of the trip did you enjoy?" pause, stare, total silence for at least 15 seconds, then, "I liked that part, too." "Go, Deigo, Go" has the same format. I guess cartoons are trying to be more interactive. The characters ask, "Do you see the "fill in the blank" ? Where is it? They do seem to be more educational too. I think it's funny but also good that before a cartoon starts on the Noggin channel it tells me what my child will learn. Your child will learn problem solving skills on Dora and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills by watching "Little Bear" and "Oswald".

I am embarrassed to admit it but my life has become a series of cartoons. The Noggin channel is playing in my house all day long. One of my favorite cartoons is "The Backyardigans". I used to make fun of this cartoon before NJ was born! Speaking of Backyardigans, does anyone know what animal Uniqua is? A salamander or bug? She is pink, so I am assuming that she is a girl. Sometimes she talks with a boy voice though. She seems to be interested in boy things too. Maybe she's just a tomgirl?? It's like the "Pat" clip on SNL.

Friday, August 10, 2007

trip to the grocery store

This morning I decided to attempt to go to the grocery store with NJ. I figured that I need to get out of the house more during the weekdays so I don't feel so isolated. We both got ready and left about 9 am.

When we got there, I put him in the cart seat. He seemed ok for a few minutes. He stared at a little girl walking around with her mommy. He got scared and started grunting for mommy. He tried to grab on to me and looked at me with a desparate look. He has been in a clingy stage for awhile now. NJ started crying and I decided to get him out of the cart. If you have ever heard NJ cry, you know how loud he can get. I attempted to push the cart and hold him at the same time. I shifted NJ from hip to hip. I could push the cart straight with one hand only for a short distance. I thought he might be calmed down enough to put him back in the cart. Nope, he screamed again. We put on quite a show I am sure. I got a few stares. In some ways I am glad that he screamed when I put him in the cart seat because it validated my reasoning of holding him. I tried to buckle him in the cart seat about 4 to 5 times while I was shopping. I was going to buy a 12 pk of Pepsi. I can't hold him and pick up a 12 pk at the same time. Since he wouldn't stay in the seat, I put him down on the ground. NJ fell back and hit his head on the metal rack. I felt like a terrible mother at that point. I decided not to bother with the pop cans and continued down the aisle while trying to comfort NJ.

Apparantly, NJ dropped his pacifier around the meat section. I didn't realize it until a couple of aisles later. I hurried as fast as I could to the check-out lady. She said that it looked like I had my hands full. I explained the situation. I put NJ back in the cart seat so I could pay. He, of course, screamed again. The check-out lady said,"What a loud noise to come from a small baby". Before we went out the door, I put him in the seat and just let him cry. He seemed ok while I was putting the groceries in the trunk.

I have decided not to attempt to go to the grocery store alone with NJ again until he is out of this clingy stage.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

clutter free

I have been on a mission to clutter free the house. I started cleaning out the storage space in the basement. We had thrown boxes and all kinds off stuff in there. It was time to organize! I have a pile of items to give away. I also have a pile of trash. We feel bad putting all of it out on trash day. We will save some to put out next week. Mostly big boxes that the baby car seats came in.

My next step is to buy some plastic containers to put stuff in. There is NJ's baby stuff that needs to be stored away nicely. I am struggling a little bit on how to organize the house. Our methods so far haven't worked. Our main problem is that we are pack rats. We also tend to let things pile up and not deal with items immediately. I would be open to any advice.

I love watching the tv show "Clean House". The team tries to de-clutter the house and find things to sell at a yard sale for money to redesign the rooms. I would love for someone to come to my house and give me some new designed rooms with storage containers!