Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baby Jesus

It is Halloween night and I just got back from the Hallelujah House at our church. It is a walk-through the Bible event with skits and candy. A Halloween alternative. Anyway, NJ was baby Jesus in the Nativity skit. He did pretty good. He had his bottle and then fell asleep during it. He got fussy around 7:30 and I decided it was time to get him home to bed. They were going to use a doll for baby Jesus after we left.

I got NJ's acting debut on video camera and the digital camera. Dust was in class so he didn't get to see it. I am sure the grandparents will enjoy the pictures and video also.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Everyone at one time or another goes through jealousy of another person. I don't consider myself a jealous person though. I usually tend to be genuinely happy for people when they get something that they have wanted. What I want to talk about is other people that have been jealous of me.

I have lost friendships with others because they were jealous of me. I have the tendency to let my friends know all the good things going on with me and hide the bad. A previous friend of mine once told me that she wished that I would have considered her a friend in all seasons whether good or bad. This friend seemed to always have bad luck. She couldn't take hearing all the positive things that I had to say about my life. I didn't want to complain. And I don't brag about things either. I usually state facts and try not to gloat or brag. Also, there are things that are too personal to even tell your best friend.

I have been doing better with letting friends know when I am going through a hard time. I still like to be optimistic and positive about things though. It's a hard balance for me. I guess because I am such a private person.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tigers or Cardinals?

For the last couple of weeks, I have been watching the playoffs for the World Series on tv. I haven't watched baseball on tv in a very long time. It has peaked my interest because my family are Detroit Tigers fans. Over the last couple of years my brother has become a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. He even bought season tickets this year for the Cardinals. He has been selling the ones that he can't go to on Ebay. So, my brother is a bit torn about the World Series. He grew up a Detroit fan, and still is one. But he is also a Cardinals fan.

My brother and my Dad will be going to one of the World Series games. He said he wants to wear a Detroit hat with a Cardinals jersey. My brother wants my Dad to wear his Detroit jersey with a Cardinals hat. He thinks that will make a great conversation starter. I told him he might get taunted or yelled at. Especially if he is sitting in the area of the season ticket holders for the Cardinals. I think my Dad is rooting for Detroit. He grew up in Michigan. My brother is so excited about going to the World Series. He said it is the perfect father/son event.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

candy corn

When I was a little girl I loved eating candy corn. My grandma always had candy corn around her house and I always ate it there. For the last few years, I have noticed that my grandma keeps giving me candy corn as gifts around the holidays. I never understood why. I had forgot that I loved candy corn as a girl. She still thinks that candy corn is my favorite thing! I don't have the heart to tell her that I 'm not crazy over candy corn like I used to be. My grandparents told Dust this weekend that Golden's favorite candy is candy corn. And they asked him what his sweet tooth was. : )

There is a particular way that I like to eat my candy corn. My OCD habit is to try to bite down on each individual line on the candy corn. I eat the white top of the triangle first. Then the orange middle, and last the yellow bottom.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


My grandparents are coming to visit this weekend. My parents are driving them up here. They live in Michigan, but they drove down to where my parents live to stay with them for awhile. My grandmother also has a sister that lives in that area and they were going to stay with her also.

This will be the first time my grandparents see NJ in person! They can't wait to meet their first great-grandchild. This will also be the first time for them to see our house. And the first time for them to visit our church. So, on Sunday we will be going to the first service-the traditional one. They have stated how they hate contemporary services. They can't stand up the whole time and they don't know the songs.

I hope the weekend goes well.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Have you seen the Oobi cartoon on the Noggin channel on cable? I can't believe that is a show! Or maybe it's just a skit that is part of another show. An Oobi is just an adult human hand with two eyeballs on top! Did they not have money for material to make a puppet?

I can't believe that it made tv. Imagine hearing the idea of a hand talking as an idea for a kids show. I would have said that it would never have made it past the idea stage.

Do you ever have those thoughts about other tv shows or toys? Shows and toys that become popular sometimes amaze me. Like who would ever have thought talking vegetables would be a successful cartoon for kids-(VeggieTales).

Monday, October 02, 2006

my office

I just realized today that it was my first time to work alone in my very own office at work. When our company moved to a new suite, I was training someone to do my job. We worked together. She quit and I had to train someone else. Then we worked together until I had the baby. Last week, I just watched her do my job. I sat behind her at her desk. Today I got to fully enjoy having an office to myself.

It was so nice to not have someone watching me do my job. And it was nice to not have to watch someone else do my job. I love working when it is quiet and peaceful. It was so much easier to concentrate on what I was doing.

Now all I have to do is to get my co-worker to quit coming in my office and talking to me. : ) I don't mind the occasional chit-chat. It is all the ideas that she has on how to do things differently that bothers me.