Thursday, September 28, 2006

back to work

I have survived my first week back to work. My boss wanted me to watch my co-worker do my job to jog my memory. So, this week I just sat back and watched. My boss demands perfection, so I can see that he wouldn't want me to mess anything up. Everything came back to me. I even remembered some things better than my co-worker. But again I have worked there 2 years and she has only been there 4 months.

I have felt a lot better this week. NJ is sleeping more hours straight, so I am too! It is nice to have a break from taking care of him. I was going a bit crazy caring for him 24/7. I had had several crying breakdowns. I am happier than I have been in awhile. I do miss NJ though during the day. I am excited to be able to spend a day home with him tomorrow!

Friday, September 22, 2006

my last weekday

This is my last weekday home with NJ before I go back to work. Yes, I am a bit sad. I am devoting this day to spoiling NJ. He is in my arms as I hunt and peck the keys with one hand. He fell asleep on my chest after I burped him. I wanted to keep him upright so he wouldn't spit up if I laid him in bed. I should lay him down right now. But, there is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby on your chest.

I will have Fridays off work, so technically I will still have one weekday home with NJ. The other four days I have superb childcare by T. That makes going back to work easier for me. It comforts me to know that NJ will be in the comforts of his own home. T and NJ will do great together.

On another note, NJ slept 5 hours straight last night for the first time! Yay for him and his tired mommy!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bad day at SDC

Last Thursday, my mom and I decided to go to Silver Dollar City. It was a last minute decision we made around lunch time. My mom decided to take the shortcut to SDC on a new highway called the high road. She made a wrong turn which cost us a bit of time. We pushed NJ in his stroller into the park. We both realized that we were very out of shape. We were completely exhausted when we entered the park. We couldn't ride the tram because of the carseat/stroller.

We stopped at the bakery and fed NJ a bottle. We also got a snack. It was hotter than we thought it would be outside. Probably in the '80's. My mom was nervous about NJ getting overheated. She took the cloth diaper I use for a burp rag and got it wet and draped it across the car seat. It blocked the sun and hopefully provided some moisture. NJ was fussy in the General Store and it made my mom nervous which makes me nervous. He continued to be fussy in this big red barn that had a pony show going on.

My mom took a picture of NJ and I by a cowboy statue. She put her camera back in her purse. She doesn't remember if she put her purse back in the stroller or not. About 10 minutes later, my mom asked me to get the SDC brochure out of her purse and we realized that her purse was missing. We traced our steps and asked every beverage stand if someone had turned in a purse. We checked the lost and found and noone had turned a purse in. Our next thought was that it must have been stolen from the stroller. I had remembered a lady bending down suspiciously to look at NJ and make over him. Everyone wanted to look at NJ and say how cute he was.

I had my wallet in my diaper bag, so I was able to pay for some early supper for us. The cashier overheard us saying that my mom's purse may have been stolen and she called security. The security guard took our info. and said that he would look for the purse in the trash cans around were we last remember having the purse. I gave him my cell number to call if they found it. Just as the park was closing at 6pm, we got a call on my cell phone. Someone had turned the purse into some beverage vendor outside the barn. We must have missed one of the vendors. Nothing was missing out of my mom's purse thankfully. My dad was on his way to bring some keys to mom's car. We called him and caught him before he had driven to far.

I was bummed that in all the panic of the situation, I didn't get my kettle corn or big cookie. We had a terrible time. I did get to see the new kids section of rides though. Lesson learned-don't take a baby to SDC with your nervous mother.

Monday, September 11, 2006

my trip to see my parents

I am overjoyed at the bonding that NJ has had with his Grams and Gramps so far. Gramps has walked NJ around the house when I needed a break in the morning to take a shower. Grams has rocked him in the recliner and given him some bottles. They love to make over their grandbaby.

I have gotten some needed sleep since I have been at my parents house. My meals have been made for me. I feel really spoiled.

We went to the restaurant that my brother works at on Saturday. The cajun food was pretty good. My brother was our server, and he came and sat down with us for a second because he only had one other customer.

We might go to SDC later this week. I can't wait! We will also visit some friends and family and show off NJ

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day weekend

I loved the Deanna Rose Farmstead when I went last Thursday for Mops, so I decided to show Dust and Miss Carisma what it was like. We have pictures of NJ in his stroller asleep by goats. I can't wait until he can have a pony ride or go fishing in the pond. The weather was awesome.

We found a 50-75% off sale of baby clothes at Penney's. Aunt Miss Carisma wanted to spoil her nephew NJ. He got a cute onesie that said chick with a magnet picture. : ) His Grampa will love the brown camoflouge outfit with a moose on it.

It was great having Miss Carisma entertain NJ while I slept or did housework. She was great at keeping him from crying. She did a lot of walking him around the kitchen which he seemed to enjoy.

This afternoon NJ has his 2 month shots. DTP-Tetanus, Pertussis. He won't be a happy camper tonight. Remember us.