Monday, February 25, 2008

thoughts on starting a new decade

Tomorrow is my first day as a thirty-something. Actually just thirty without the something. It was a huge deal to me when I turned 20. I was leaving my identity as a "teenager" and I felt really old. Dust and I were dating at the time. It was raining that night and I thought it would be fun to run around the college campus in the rain. Dust humored me, but I know he didn't really want to get wet.

Really, turning 30 isn't a big deal to me. I am kinda looking forward to it. I want to embrace it. I got my hair cut a little over a week ago. It is just a bob, but it is cut at an angle with the back a little shorter than the sides. I felt like I looked too young with longer hair. I feel like I have a little more self esteem. I have more confidence.

Starting a new decade in life kinda feels like New Year's Day. I feel like I have a fresh start. I can make new goals and change whatever I want to change. I have the typical resolutions that most people have on New Years Day: eat healther and exercise. But this time, I have more realistic changes. With Dust's eating/health issues, we definitely need to change things as a family.

My twenties gave me a husband and a child. I will look back at my twenties with fondness. I wonder what my thirties has in store for me? I don't want to rush them. I am going to take one day at a time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

visit from family

I am looking forward to this weekend. My parents and brother are coming up to celebrate my birthday. I love having my family stay with us. My father is really handy around the house (he is an electrician) and he usually takes care of a few projects. He is going to try to put an outlet in the bathroom. When we took down our old bathroom light, we lost the only outlet in the bathroom. Hopefully, we will also get to put up a chandelier in the kitchen.

I want to take my family to the Legends shopping area. There is a restaurant called Saddle Ranch Chop House. My family LOVES steak places and they have a bit of country in them. I have never been to the I hope we are not dissappointed. Maybe Dave & Buster's would be a better choice? I know since it is my birthday that I should pick the restaurant....but I usually choose something that I think everyone will enjoy.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

So far this has been a good day. Dust had a card, balloon, and 3 roses for me this morning. We celebrated Valentine's Day last Friday. We ate out at The Cheesecake Factory near 119th St. It was a good meal and I enjoyed the atmosphere. And I enjoyed the fact that I got to complete a meal sitting at a table and not rushing through it. We saw the movie 27 dresses also. Thanks to Dust for letting me see a chick flick. I was impressed with the movie-good storyline, funny, and happy ending.

I went to MOPS this morning. Rhonda, from our church, who is a personal trainer, spoke to us about healthy choices and fitness. I learned some things and I am motivated to start eating better and to start exercising.

I plan on picking up one of Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizzas for our dinner. (is that a healthy choice?) oh, well. Dust has a class tonight, so we need to have a quick dinner before he leaves. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

not a finisher

It's hard to admit my weaknesses. Especially, when I thought for so long that I didn't have this weakness. I have a hard time finishing things. The things that I seem to not finish are: reading books, projects around the house, and eating everything on my plate.

The type of people that I thought were not finishers were people that dropped out of high school or college. I just knew that I was a finisher because I graduated from college. I realize now that I can be a non finisher in other areas. I start a lot of projects and I don't complete them. In the back of my mind I know that the projects are there and I rationalize that I will get to them someday. I have accepted now that I just won't get back to reading the several books that I have started. I keep meaning to put up some curtains in NJ's room and the living room, but I probably won't get around to it for some time. I mean we have been in our house for over 4 years now. How embarrassing!