Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the pool

Today was NJ's first experience at a public pool. He had a blast! We went to the Marty pool which has a "kiddie pool" for 7 yr. old's and under. It was really neat. NJ liked the fish slide. I was surprised that the slide didn't land you into any water. There was some poles in the middle that had water that shot out of it. What did surprise me was how brave NJ was. He wanted to go into the deeper water.

Some other MOPS moms and kids showed up and we ate our sack lunch at the picnic tables. After lunch, the big pool opened. I decided to go check it out for a little bit. I loved the fact that the pool sloped off from the sidewalk area. It was real easy to walk around in the shallow area. There wasn't a defined ledge. The 3 ft. and under was roped off. NJ loved the big pool! He kept laughing at the other kids swimming under the water. Some had goggles on and swim gear. He really wanted to go in the deeper water but I kept him back where it wasn't over his head. The pool was such a hit with NJ that we are definitely going back. I might consider getting a pool pass. Other moms loved watching how excited NJ was!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grams and Gramps' house

We spent the weekend with my parents to celebrate Father's Day. We didn't do a whole lot. The purpose was to let my parents watch NJ play and to play with him. We grilled some steaks and made homemade ice cream. We played in their backyard.

NJ likes all the toys at Grams and Gramps' house. He especially likes the Sesame Street house with furniture and characters. NJ said Bert and Ernie's name this time. My brother and I played with the Sesame Street house when we were little. So, I have a lot of fond memories. The new toy NJ got to play with this time was a "popcorn popper" mower type push toy. My parents got it at a yard sale. I am just glad that we don't have one of those at home. : )

Friday, June 06, 2008

this weekend

Today NJ and I went with the MOPS group to Deanna Rose. We had a nice time. NJ loved the playground and the John Deere tractors that you can ride on. The weather wasn't too hot because of the storms we had last night.

Tomorrow, we are going to have a yard sale. It is our neighborhood sale so hopefully there will be a lot of traffic going by. A few years ago I had a yard sale that only made $20. I didn't have any "big ticket" items like furniture. This time I do have some furniture--kitchen table & chairs, coffee table, and bar stools. Hopefully, I can make more money this time.