Friday, March 26, 2010


I am currently in a state of contentment. I really haven't been in the last couple of years. The thing that has changed is my attitude. It started by reading the book, "The Organic God" by Margaret Feinberg. The book explains the author's journey to find the true God using only the Bible. No commentaries, hearsay, other filters. When Margaret was telling about different things God was convicting her of;I felt God convicting me of the same things. Especially when Margaret was complaining to God about not having the "right" friends. I am enjoying the friendships that I have for what they are. I have a friend that wants to meet me at the pool this summer with our kids and that was one desire that I had wanted for a couple of years.

This book has also stirred a passion for God in me that has not been there in awhile. I started going to the Community Bible Study that meets at our church. It has helped me with being disciplined in reading the Bible. I am excited about what God has for me in the next few weeks and months.