Monday, August 28, 2006

upcoming events

Since I have been at home with NJ, all the days seem to run together. It's the same old same old. Don't get me wrong, I love being with NJ. We eat, sleep, poop, and watch tv together. I try to get out of the house once during the day. Either to Target, Wal-Mart, Hy-vee, or Osco Drug. NJ usually has a crying spell in the middle of the store. I am usually able to contain it with the pacifier. Anyway, I don't have much to look forward to except some future visits and trips.

Thursday, I am going to the MOPS outing at the Deana Rose Farmstead. That should be fun. I will enjoy pushing NJ around in his stroller. And it will also be nice to socialize. Friday night, Dust's sister, Miss Carisma, will arrive for a visit. This is her first time to see NJ. Also, I will be visiting my parents for one week, beginning Sept. 8th. This will be a fun bonding time for us with NJ. I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Survey says..

I signed up for some more online survey sites today. They are free. One of them pays out cash to your paypal account and the other one gives gift certificates.,

I am a sucker for these things. I have been a member of for several years now. They send me emails of websites to go to and I receive points. Once I earn so many points, I can pick out a giftcard. You can also earn points by purchasing items online. I usually get a $10 gift certificate at Target every few months. I get excited when I see my gift card in the mail.

I know there are scam survey sites out there, so I have to be careful. I do not give out any important info. about me.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I have been watching more tv shows now that I am home during the day. I have noticed there are plenty of '80's sitcoms on cable. I watched an old episode of the Cosby show the other day. It got me thinking about how there aren't many family centered sitcoms anymore. One new one that comes to mind is "The War at Home" on Sunday nights. The parents on the show are pretty bad at parenting. They are extremely open with their kids about everything. The sad thing is that there are probably families out there like this one.

Another show that I watched was "Quantum Leap" with Scott Bakula. I used to love this show.

One program that I am looking forward to this fall is 'til Death with Brad Garrett from "Raymond" It looks pretty funny. The popular tv shows now seem to be dramas. With all the medical and law programs out there.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

cry free dinner

Dust and I went out to eat at Olive Garden for our anniversary. We took NJ along with us. We wanted to go to a kid friendly restaurant. Also, a restaurant that wasn't so expensive that people would get angry at us for bringing a crying baby while trying to enjoy a $100 meal.

The hostess asked us if we wanted an infant sling. We both looked at each other and said yes. We didn't quite know what an infant sling was. Apparently it is a "hammock" of sorts for the infant car seat we brought. It worked out great. NJ was awake when we got there but quickly fell asleep. He didn't make one peep the entire time. Dust and I were a little nervous though that at any time he would wake up and start crying. We ate somewhat quickly.

We both realized that it isn't worth going out with NJ if we are nervous the entire time. So, from now on it will either be take-out or find a babysitter and dine in.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"trash to treasure"

I have been watching a lot of the decorating programs on TLC. "Trash to Treasure" and "Decorating Cents" are my favorite. Yesterday, on Decorating Cents, a guy found an old basketball hoop rim in the dumpster. He spray painted it silver and put hooks on it. He turned it into a pots and pan rack for the kitchen. Doing that kind of stuff sounds fun to me. I think it is in my blood.

My grandfather was a "junker" when he retired. He went to auctions, bought items, fixed them, and sold them at the next auction. He had a workshop with all kinds of neat stuff lying around.

My parents love to go to garage sales. My mom has been buying wood pieces-furniture, shelves, and picture frames, and either paints, stains, or spray paints them to match her different rooms. This has been her new hobby since they moved into a new house.

I wish I had some time to do things like that.

Monday, August 07, 2006

"baby person"

I was talking to a lady at chuch who said that she was a "baby" person. She recently adopted two children and both were past the baby stage. She was upset by that because she enjoys the "baby" stage. She was looking forward to being awakened during the night. And loosing sleep. She told me that she would love to watch NJ anytime. Wow, I can't fathom wanting to go through the sleepless nights.

I realized that I am not a "baby" person. I can't wait until NJ can tell me what's wrong with him. I am more of a toddler person. I can't wait until NJ is running around saying and doing cute things. Although, I have been warned about the terrible two's.

I never enjoyed playing with baby dolls as a little girl. It never interested me to give a doll a bottle or change its diaper. I was given dolls, but they just sat on my toy shelf. I preferred stuffed animals. They were low maintenance. : )

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Someone had asked me if I had any nicknames for NJ. There is a combination of names that I call NJ. Junior, Burger, Junior Burger, Sugar, Sugar Burger, Sweetie, Kiddo, Little Dust. When I talk to NJ, I call him any of the mentioned names in an endearing tone.

There is a song that my mother used to sing to me when I was a baby. I changed it to NJ's name and I sing it to him. "There's a little boy I know, His name is N..J.._. He's the cutest boy I know, His name is N...J.._. NJ, NJ.

I have never had a nickname besides my blog name. Sometimes people call me Goldie instead of Golden. I like saying my loved ones names with an -ie at the end of it. It's cute and endearing.